Connie is a superb realtor who shines as a skilled negotiator and always keeps her clients protected from adverse consequences. Other brokers respect Connie for her thoroughness and forthrightness in making deals work to the very end. When others would walk away from a deal Connie has a way of pulling them through to everyone's satisfaction. You have the competitive advantage when Connie is on YOUR side.
–  MH^ TOP ^

By way of introduction I'm from the financial sector and have known Connie Heldman for over 15 years; we purchased our second home in Tiburon from Connie and recently utilized her services to purchase our third home in Tiburon.

The reason we always return to Connie is because of her thoroughness at every level, from the day you sign the contract to the day you close, she is right there having cross all the "T's" and dot the "I's".

I personally believe there is not a better agent or lawyer who represents the understanding of real estate like Connie Heldman. We have consistently recommended her services over the years because at the end of the day we know those folks will be very well served and satisfied!
–  HHM^ TOP ^

Connie Heldman is a force. Descriptors like ethical, experienced, bright, energetic, imaginative, detailed, tireless, resourceful, creative and industrious don't begin to describe the talents and skills that Connie brings to the table for her clients. An excellent negotiator, Connie has proven her success with an impressive track record. She has represented my husband and myself on two of our own transactions, and as her friend, I have had close personal contact with Connie over the past 20 years and can vouch for her character and work ethic.
–  CSA^ TOP ^

I would not consider any real estate transaction of any size or scope without Connie. She has been our agent for sixteen years. She helped us find fabulous rental properties while we were remodeling and also helped us find our dream home. She is on top of her game in anything having to do with real estate. Having Connie on your side when buying or selling real estate is like being on the winning team. She is simply the best.
–  AS^ TOP ^

Connie Heldman acted as my agent in selling my home in Paradise Cay. As we all know these are difficult times. Connie did not scrimp on anything. She used the most professional photographer and the pictures of my home were fabulous. Her website was professionally done and showed the house well. I have bought and sold six homes in my life and hold a realtor to very high standards. Anyone can take a listing and anyone can show a house. The difficult part is getting a deal done, especially now. Connie is tough and stays in the game to the end. My deal was very complicated due to a foreign buyer and also loan carry back. Connie knew every aspect and kept both sides on track and managed to hold the deal together. If you are looking for the most professional and knowledgeable agent, then Connie is for you. Take her advice and you will be very happy with the results. Her years of experience really show.
–  SJ^ TOP ^

Having worked with Connie for over 25 years and multiple real estate transactions, I give her my strongest recommendation. She is in all aspects a consummate real estate professional; expert, prepared, transparent, strategic, tenacious, persuasive and charming.
–  DS^ TOP ^

When I purchased my house in the Cay, Connie represented both the buyer and seller. That was because we all valued her tremendous knowledge of the local real estate market and trusted her complete integrity. She has a tireless energy and infectious personality that helped the process run as smooth as a Swiss watch.
–  GM^ TOP ^

We bought our present home, which we love, through Connie. I just wish we would've known her when we bought & sold our prior homes. I wouldn't use anyone else.
–  LR ^ TOP ^

Quite simply, Connie gets it done. She held my hand every step of the way during a very difficult transaction that was on and off again several times. Once the deal was finished, she was still there to help me out with other issues that most realtors would run from. She has become a trusted, dear friend.
–  CM^ TOP ^

Connie is absolutely wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is extremely diligent and proactive, and you get a strong sense of comfort knowing that she is advocating for you. Connie was a tremendous help to my wife and me when we purchased our first home a few years back and we will certainly seek her services in the future.
–  DMS^ TOP ^

I have used Connie for several transactions over the years because her knowledge and skills as an agent/broker are unsurpassed. Her years of experience and her integrity in the process make for a positive and successful experience.
–  NH^ TOP ^
Constance Heldman
R/E Source Realty